Anne Marie Slater’s Cultural Democracy 101 presentation at SFU Vancouver

Anne Marie Slater’s presentation on Curating Histories with Photography: The Recording & Editing of Everyday Life

What type of access does photography provide to our stories? This workshop explores the use of photography as a cultural democracy methodology.

Anne Marie Slater born in Scotland is a media artist, educator, and producer responsible for cross disciplinary, creative development, and facilitation of many local community public realm initiatives with roots in photography, writing, film, urban design, public engagement, and documentary practices.

She received the graduate juried Helen Pitt Award for her photo installation work from Emily Carr University: B.F.A. Photography, and an M.A. in Education from S.F.U. for her thesis on an Artist’s Role in Community Arts Practice.

Christian of AHA MEDIA writes:

Anne Marie Slater gave an excellent presentation on democracy, accessibility and ethics in photo journalism and in particular citizen journalism, in front of an enrapt audience.

Ms. Slater demonstrate how history and community involvement plays apart in her own work, particularly the Princess Avenue Children’s Interpretive Walk.  Next, she shown some photos of AHA MEDIA with April Smith speaking on positive photos.  In highlighting some of  AHA MEDIA’s work in the DTES community, Ms. Slater managed to clearly convey the importance of being ethical especially when dealing with marginalized people.

After the amazing presentation was completed, Ms. Slater invited everyone in attendance to look at photos and discuss about ethics in photo journalism.

Through out the entire presentation Ms. Slater did a excellent job engaging the crowd on her important topic: Curating Histories with Photography: The Recording & Editing of Everyday Life, giving all attendees a memorable Father Day’s Sunday afternoon to remember.

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