Richard Czaban of AHA MEDIA sells Rainbow Ice Cream with Ice Cream Truck music in Vancouver

Richard Czaban of AHA MEDIA enjoys his part time job with Rainbow Ice Cream where he sells cold treats to familiar Ice Cream Truck music!

Richard Czaban of AHA MEDIA filmed during the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics

Barb Goosehead of AHA MEDIA holds a sweet treat while Richard Czaban looks on

Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA chats with Richard Czaban about delicious ice cream!

Richard Czaban selling ice cream at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby

Recently Richard was asked his opinion of “selling ice cream” without music with Global TV, (upon the subject of the District of West Kelowna’s ban of Ice Cream Truck Music)

Richard Czaban says ” In Vancouver, the kids love the music!  They come running from blocks away! Parents and Grown Ups remember it from their childhood… they get very nostalgic. It makes for a great summer time experience when you can listen to the ice cream truck music while eating cold Rainbow Ice Cream treats”

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