CACV Eco- Arts Dragon in Chinese New Year Parade 2012 as part of the DTES Artist in the Street program in Vancouver

CACV Eco- Arts Dragon in Chinese New Year Parade 2012 as part of the DTES Artist in the Street program produced by Vancouver Moving Theatre and DTES Heart of the City Festival with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV)

Mary Bennett of CACV writes


A parade celebrating the year of the water dragon at the end of January. What would you expect for weather? RAIN. So the idea occurred to us to make a dragon out of black (the colour related to water in Chinese system) umbrellas and each person would carry one part. Our intern from Spain, Elena, and friend of Mary (and CACV) alternated being the head of the dragon. Anna, Tashannah and Catherine all carried dragon parts that they had made. As well Karenza T. Wall did a session with kids at Oppenheimer park to make two umbrellas with help from Elena and Francis and the Oppenheimer staff.

Thank you to the Umbrella Shop who donated two very large umbrellas that became our “banner” for the parade. And will be at many more events!

Artists in the Streets, a CACV program coordinated by Terry Hunter of Vancouver Moving Theatre, booked Brad Muirhead and the Carnegie Street Band and once again Lily and her Mom arrived in costume and on stilts.

Jessica and Donna – and hundreds of others – took photos.

Bruce Voyce, our Eco-Arts Salon presenter for February showed up with some friends in dragon costumes made from water bottles, too.

For more information on the process of dragon creation, go to and search “dragon”.

Thank you to all who participated, cheered, waved  or are just now enjoying these fabulous photos from Richard.

See you all next year for Snake creations.

  1. January 29, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    WOW, what an amazing job you did!

    I should have been there but was nursing a hangover. BAD day for a hangover, what with the drumming and all.

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