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Shabusen Restaurant on Burrard St in Vancouver

Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA says of Shabusen on Burrard St in Vancouver

We had the privilege to eat at a very unique restaurant today in Downtown Vancouver. ShabuSen, a Korean BBQ and “All you can eat Sushi” restaurant sits in a fairly easy to find location and the food and the experience were excellent!  We arrived at 1pm, were immediately seated, and were able to browse the easy to read menu while drinking delicious Jasmine tea. We ordered and our food came quickly. Bowls of raw beef, pork, and chicken (to cook over the BBQ that was in the middle of the table), plates of Gyoza (or dumplings), salmon and tuna sashimi, and California rolls, made up our delicious lunch. We enjoyed grilling pieces of beef, pork, and chicken over the BBQ with big metal tongs so that our chopsticks would not get contaminated. The pork was spiced with chili and quite spicy, the beef was tender and delicious, and the chicken was moist and tender.

I recommend Shabusen as it is a great place to eat and I would most certainly return when I find the time.

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