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MacLure’s Cabs celebrates their 100 year anniversary at CBC Studios in Vancouver!

 Maclure’s Cabs celebrated their 100th anniversary at CBC Vancouver studios in grand style!!

Beautifully catered event and prepared from chefs right in front of you, fantastic music, door prizes, and tons of fun!

An extremely memorable experience!

Maclure’s Cabs has been an important part of Vancouver’s history and continues to do so with their new line of “green” cabs.

About 1000 people packed the halls of the CBC radio building in Vancouver enjoying Sushi, traditional Indian food, Swedish Meatballs, and delicious Indian sweets for dessert.  

The famous Dal Richards and his Orchestra played jazz music in the background and drew many well deserved applauses from a crowd dressed to the
nines in Tuxedos, Suits, Beautiful Saris (for the women of course) and elegant evening gowns.

There were speeches from various people including the President of Maclure’s Cabs, Geoff Meggs from the city of Vancouver.
We were delighted to view one of the original Cadillac Cabs from 100 years ago (fully restored of course) “driven” by a cabbie in traditional uniform, peaked cap, long trenchcoat, and shiny shoes. Even the people greeting us at the door were dressed in traditional outfits from the period.

We will never forget the night as it was amazing and memorable. We have told ALL our friends and families about MacLure’s Cabs!

Thank you Maclure’s for 100 years of great service, may there be at least another 100 years

Below is a welcoming letter from Sucha Poonia, President of MacLure’s Cabs

Welcome to MacLure’s Cabs 100 year celebration!

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that I welcome you to this milestone in MacLure’s history. We are pleased and privileged to have so many riders, suppliers, industry partners, friends and relatives here to join us in our celebration of 100 years serving in Vancouver.

In the beginning, taxi fares often consisted of trips to Stanley Park and trips across town.  Our fleet started with Cadillac’s and later included a Packard Limousine.  Since then we have grown to a fleet of 65, and we service all the way to Whistler.

MacLure’s Cabs strives to provide clean, safe, enjoyable rides, getting you to your destination in a timely fashion.  Our drivers have all taken the Taxi Host program, to help us ensure that our riders receive the best possible service.

We have worked hard to become environmentally responsible, as seen by our fleet that mostly consists of Hybrid Toyata Prius’s. As soon as there are Hybrid minivans available, we will continue to “green” our fleet.

We are glad you were able to attend our 100th Anniversary, and we look forward to serving Vancouver for another 100 years.


Sucha Poonia
MacLure’s Cabs Inc.

Below are videos of MacLure’s Cab 100th anniversary celebration at CBC Vancouver Studios

Many thanks to Jonathon Narvey for the invitation to help celebrate MacLure’s Cab 100th anniversary in Vancouver 🙂

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