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Leo Cooper of Japantown Studios remembers Artist Michael Corkill 1969 – 2011 in Vancouver

Japantown Live/Work Studios is shutting its doors for good at the end of September so please join us as we celebrate seven years nurturing local artists with a pair of exciting events:

Exclusive private show featuring a retrospective of Vancouver raised Michael Corkill 1969 – 2011 Character, world traveller, clochard, intellectual, jokster. Michael passed away sudddenly this past winter in his adopted home of Berlin and this is the first attempt to gather such a varied body of his work.

Original works for sale by local artists including: sculpture and found objects, original ceramics by Danny Kostyshin, native carving by Errol Ashley and the Mountain brothers, beadwork by Eddie Halfe, illustration, paintings, computer generated projections and more.

Below is a video of Leo Cooper remember his friend, Vancouver Artist Michael Corkill 1969-2011

Below is a video of a Walk through Japantown Studios

  1. Fred
    April 3, 2012 at 8:27 am

    Hello, Leo, good to see the pictures from Mike. He worked for 4 mounth in my house in Groningen (holland). Maybe there is a possibility to make a book about his life and paintings.
    I have seen vyour movie different times, very good ! I have visited him diffrent times in Berlin,and it was hard to hear the news he was dead. Greetings, fredvancalker@gmail.com

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