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AHA MEDIA filmed at Piknic Électronik Afterparty at W2 Media Cafe in W2 Community Media Arts Centre in Vancouver DTES

Le Piknic Électronik

Founded in 2003, the Piknic Électronik is a weekly electronic music summer event that takes place in the Place de l’Homme on St. Helena Island, Montreal, Quebec. Some weeks, the event moves to other sites on the same island, or on the nearby Ile Notre-Dame. In addition, some sporadic Piknic’s are organized during the year with specific themes:

  1. Cabane à sucre électronik aka Sugar Shack Electronik (at Jean Drapeau Park on 4 and 5 April 2009)
  2. Igloofest (external event taking place on several evenings during the winter in Montreal)
  3. Piknic @ Vancouver (Stanley Park June 24, 2010, in collaboration with Francophone Summer Festival Vancouver)


Mindful of its mission to democratize electronic music and talent contained in the electronic music scene in Montreal and internationally, the Piknic Électronik is intended as a weekly event combining fun and innovative discovery.

++++ June 24th Lineup

Pompe Tes Pipes (Montreal)

myspace.com/ptpodt / soundcloud.com/pompetespipes

Bio: The PomPe tes PiPes Olympic Dj Team was born in july 2008, when Funky Falz, Archibald Singleton and Tony the Tiger decided to launch the PTP nights @ the Gymnase, in Montreal. With an active approach on djing and with live sequencers, PTP-ODT gives a unique performance each time they play, giving the long lasting advantages of the dj set, with the performance of live music showcase. In their first year, they’ve played with Living~Stone, Mofomatronix, Power Players, Les Mi@tches, Tom Bypass, Dj in your face, BSBTRGDclub, Yannkat and Kasdal from the Cruz Control Crew and many more. They’ve been invited by Ninja Tunes to play at their monthly Clock Out, opened for The Glitch Mob @ Piknic Electronik, and the adventure is only beginning.

Derek Duncan (Leisure)
leisureleisure.com / soundcloud.com/derekduncan

Alex Slaughter (Leisure / YIIK)

Zeeaa (Midnight City / JYB / Inside Out Radio)
Tuesdays 8-9pm on www.citr.ca or 101.9fm / soundcloud.com/insideoutradio

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