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7 Right to Food Mobile Murals at SOLEfood Urban Farms in Vancouver

The Downtown Eastside (DTES) Right to Food philosophy upholds the Human Right of Downtown Eastside residents to abundant, local, fresh and nutritious food that is available across the neighbourhood and delivered in a dignified manner. That’s why we serve fresh, nutritious, local produce in our programming centre.

The Food Murals were created during the HomeGround festival at Oppenheimer Park this year. Each mural represents a Food Solution developed by the DTES Kitchen Table Project, a Community Led Food Action Plan to bring more healthy and tasty food to Downtown Eastside residents.

DTES Kitchen Tables 7 Food Solutions

1. Standards = fresh protein, fruit & vegetables

2. Creative Recipes = quality, tasty and nutritious meals

3. Collective buying from local farmers

4. Jobs for our neighbours

5. Dignifying Food = more food at more places with no lineups

6. Partnerships with creative chefs

7. Greening DTES Kitchens

The DTES Neighbourhood House acknowledges and honours the fact that our community lies within the traditional territory of the Coast Salish people.

Video by Sid Tan

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