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AHA MEDIA filmed at Temple Toons Morning Fundraiser – Presented by The Vancouver Temple of Transition Crew

Do you miss waking up to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? Who needs Saturday when you can watch them on Sunday!!!!!

To satisfy your nostalgia, The Vancouver Temple of Transition Crew is holding a bi-weekly Adult Cartoon Series starting May 8th. The series will start at 2:00 a.m. (early I know), but it will be worth waking up for.

…TEMPLE TOONS – BYOB (bring your own BOWL…and mug & spoon!)
The Vancouver Temple of Transition Crew Cartoon Morning Fundraiser!

Sunday May 8th, Doors at 2am, goin’ ‘til noon.
Location: ARC LiveWork Studio Gallery (door to left of main door)
1701 East Powell (corner of Powell & Commercial)
By donation at the door (suggested $10 minimum)
Free to the first 5 Moms through the door in honour of Mother’s Day (must have a picture of you with your children)!!!

Come watch your favourite adult cartoons:
• Frisky Dingo
• Home Movies
• Bob’s Burgers
• Archer
• Metalocolypse
• Venture Brothers
• Clone High
• And many more…

Show up post partying for the night or roll out of bed in the morning in your PJs. What better way to spend your Sunday that snuggling with your friends and watching cartoons!!!

Got the Morning Munchies? Don’t worry about it! Support the project by bringing some extra cash to enjoy goodies and satisfy your grumbling tummies!
We will be serving up…
• Your favourite childhood cereals (Healthy, Gluten-free, dairy-free options will be available)
• Lattes, espressos & cappuccinos (bring your own mug)!
• Some other yummy bubbly juice bevies…
• Stick around till lunch for Grill Cheese Samwiches

Volunteers for door & kitchen shifts are needed. Please contact vantemplefund@gmail.com to sign up for a time.


Temple of Transition at Burning Man 2011- Rites of Passage

Vancouver has been honoured this year with the privilege of serving the Burning Man community with direct involvement in the inception, design, and build of this year’s official Burning Man Temple.

The Temple Of Transition is a dream about to be realized in the Black Rock desert. An international crew based in New Zealand, Ireland, UK, America and Vancovuer, BC, Canada. Formally known as the International Arts Megacrew,our primary objective is fundraising to meet the expense of building the temple. The local contingent will have bodies in Reno for the pre-build, will be building one of the five stage of life altars locally and sending a crew to Black Rock City for the assembling of pre-built pieces. Our motto is Built in Reno, Burnt on Black Rock.



It takes a community to raise a child. It will take all of us (all of you!) to help this Temple come to life.

Temple of Transition – Vancouver

If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact us at jaiachristopher@gmail.com

To Donate:


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