AHA MEDIA is very proud to celebrate its Second Birthday and Second Year Anniversary online on Thursdayday November 11, 2010

Dear friends, family and fans of AHA MEDIA

We are very happy to share with you that AHA MEDIA online has turned 2 years! This joyous occasion is to be celebrated with some cake and champagne, so please enjoy with us!

We’ve had a full and very enriching year learning, growing, working, collaborating and being part of something greater in Vancouver and Downtown Eastside!

When AHA MEDIA works as  Fearless City Mobile project participants from W2 Community Media Arts Centre, we peer train others in our Downtown Eastside (DTES) neighbourhood on media literacy and help bridge the digital divide in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, most recently through our DTES CAMP

AHA MEDIA is very proud and honored to be in the documentary film With Glowing Hearts

We are  proud to continue to grow everyday and help document/report  from social justice issues , community festivals and  social media events!

AHA MEDIA enjoys providing an independent and alternative perspective to general main stream media views. Through our new media devices and cameraphones, we hope to be a news resource for everyone who is interested in us.

We appreciate everyone and all the times we were able to help in providing our services!

We look forward to another great year with you!

Thanks very much! 🙂

Some of AHA MEDIA’s memorable photo moments of the year

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