With Glowing Hearts the Movie Fundraiser at Salt Tasting Room, Tuesday Sept 21 7-9pm in Vancouver

Fundraiser for @WGHthemovie !!!!!

A portion of the evening’s proceeds will assist in the post-production of the independent Vancouver documentary With Glowing Hearts, which focuses on four Vancouver activists and artists living and working in the Downtown East Side and how their lives are changed through social media and community during the 2010 Winter Olympics. April Smith and AHA MEDIA are featured within this movie!

The excitement of the day  is a SMCYVR ‘Meet the Geek’ dinner @salttastingroom!

We are honored that they have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from this dinner to complete our film.  With the cuts to arts funding in BC and Canada we have found it most difficult to get any funding from traditional methods.  Our current challenge is being able to compensate our editors for their enormous time commitment, the hours/days they are putting into finishing our film.   So we are really excited that SMCYVR & Vancouver Food Tour are putting on this dinner.  Jon, Kemp and I will all be there so come and meet the GEEKS!

More on our 09.21 event: great venue (@salttastingroom), benefiting charity (@wghthemovie) & @VanFoodTour involvement!

Limited to 40 registrants, the special dinner will be held Tuesday, September 21st, from 7-9pm at The Salt Cellar, and organized by Melody “Gourmet” Fury of Vancouver Food Tour.

Below Salt Tasting Room in Blood Alley, one of restaurateur Sean Heather’s celebrated Gastown eateries, The Salt Cellar is a unique space which on Friday and Saturday nights doubles the capacity of Salt.  SMCYVR members will be on hand to network, chat about all things geeky, and generally demystify the cloudy world of social media.



  • $40 includes tax, tip and a contribution to the charity. Of course, you’re free to donate more if you like, and everyone who donates a Toonie or more is listed as an official Producer of the movie, which surely has got to be worth some bragging rights.
  • Register at least three days in advance with our sponsor Vancouver Food Tour to ensure that you have a spot; we expect this to sell out completely!
  • Start time is 7pm, and all participants must be of legal drinking age
  • Meet at Salt Cellar, 45 Blood Alley in the basement banquet room of Salt. We’re going to be enjoying a custom menu created especially for us.

About Social Media Club VancouverLaunched in January 2010, Social Media Club Vancouver (SMCYVR) is a chapter of Social Media Club, a worldwide trade organization focusing on social media in business. Anyone is able to join Social Media Club, and we welcome volunteers to help with our organization and events. For more information, visit http://www.smcyvr.com, our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter at @SMCYVR.

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  1. September 16, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Thanks for posting it! I’m really looking forward to the event.

  2. September 16, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    We’re excited ourselves!

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