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Twitter/Art + Social Media at Diane Farris Gallery Call for Artists via Raincoaster Media

The following post is from AHA MEDIA’s great friend and mentor – Raincoaster Media

Twitter Audience ArtTwitter Audience Art

The gallery looks forward to hearing from artists who work independently from the commercial gallery system and who use social media for the inspiration, production or presentation of their artwork, including websites, blogging, instant messenger, rss feeds, social bookmarking, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, deviantART, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Skype and podcasts. Submissions may include such traditional art forms as painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and three-dimensional art as well as computer-based art, video and performance formats.

On the submission form, you will provide contact information, a short statement about your work and use of social media, and images of up to three artworks with captions. All contemporary artists who are able to deliver their work to the gallery are eligible to apply. You must be an independent artist and not represented by a gallery or any other agent that will prohibit your submission to this show.

Fill out the submission form online at the Diane Farris site. And remember to check your email and spam file for the verification email. It’s a two-part process to apply.

Some more deets:

Size of each work: No larger than 22 x 22 x 22 inches (total size of the piece, including frame when applicable)
Price: Equal or under $1,000 CDN


We are looking for 20 to 40 artists to be represented by 1-3 works each. Works will be chosen by a selection committee considering both the quality of the work and the statement.

Artist must be an active user of social media and be interested in the theme of the show. We will be generating forums and other online communications on the topic of “art and social media”.

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