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AHA MEDIA is very proud to announce Fearless City Mobile Event Coverage of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson at W2 Culture + Media House on Wed Feb 10, 2010 and “Raise the Red Lantern” on Sat Feb 13, 2010

The Fearless City Mobile Project crew members of W2 were very excited to be do mobile media documentation and helping to archive the historical day through using social media and new media tools to get the word out of all the great arts, cultural and media events happening at W2 Culture + Media House on Wednesday Feb 10, 2010! 🙂


Below is a photo of Hendrik Beune of Fearless City Mobile Project in front of W2 Culture + Media House at W2


Below is a photo of Hendrik Beune, April Smith, J-Hock and Peter Davies of Fearless City Mobile Project anticipating our Mayor Gregor Robertson to do the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Below is a photo of J-Hock and Richard Czaban of Fearless City Mobile Project discussing camera angles to best cover the event. Fearless City Mobile is alway proud to be part of the action and help support W2 Community Media Arts


Below is a photo of our Press Conference Stage at W2 Culture + Media House


Below is photo of Irwin Oostindie, Executive Director of W2 welcoming everyone


Below is a photo of Irwin Oostindie of W2, together with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

Fearless City Mobile Project members still remember when Gregor Robertson came out and met with us back when we first started our project a few years ago. Fearless City Mobile is very honored to be recognized warmly by our Mayor and we thank him for his support of us always!


Below is a photo of Mayor Gregor Robertson with April Smith – Fearless City Mobile Project Coordinator


Below is a photo of Stephen Hill and the rest of Fearless City Mobile singing a rousing and much inspiring Fearless City song!!! Not only does Fearless City Mobile do great mobile media, we can sing too!!


Below is a photo of Richard Czaban showing the Fearless City Mobile crew photos and videos of local Vancouver Downtown Eastside events


Fearless City Mobile will be covering “Raise the Red Lantern” event on Saturday Feb 13, 2010 starting from 9pm onwards. Come celebrate with us at W2 Culture + Media House!

Raise the Red Lantern

~ A Tiger’s Tale

Start Time:
Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 2:00am
W2 Culture + Media House
112 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC

Feb 13th marks the eve of Valentine’s Day and Chinese/Lunar New Year. Let’s usher in the
Year of the Tiger together amidst all that will be happening in Vancouver on this much anticipated weekend. Please join us at W2 for an evening of offerings.

Some of you may remember the great space(s) of W2 where El Papa Chango played last November. W2 recently celebrated its official opening and will be the first ever independent social media center created to help non-accredited media journalists and bloggers cover the Olympics. Raise the Red Lantern will also be the after-party for Artwalk Vancouver happening throughout the DTES. Sure to be many streams of people creating one very diverse mix.
For more info on W2:

We are pleased to announce the performing artists joining us this night.

The players:

Lesley Ewen – thespian extraordinaire
Dawn Zoe – ephemeral chanteuse
Babette Santos & Stephanie Pintar –
fanning the dance

live painting by Jordan Bent:

more tba

followed by DJs

Deano (Sunshine Coast, BC)

One of Left Coast’s best-kept secrets, Deano is a dj/producer that has been playing shows for the past ten years. He plays eclectic sets that get the party BOUNCIN. He also happens to be
a master carver. We are stoked to have him in Vancity.

DJ Mazeguider (aka Jeet K)

When not speaking to the Senate and helping to put a stop to absurd legislation, Jeet K can be found behind the decks rockin the electro, techno and glitch hop. Jeet K has been involved in Vancity’s underground music scene as both producer and MC since the 90s and a dj for the past six years.

opening set by Patricia

Patricia played out years before, under the moniker Kriyatrix. For this set, expect something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Visuals by Sammy Chien & Patricia Kim w/ Fearless City Mobile

Sammy is a media artist, filmmaker and VJ. He has created live visuals for concerts, interactive installations and new media dance performances. He will be performing real-time generative images, triggering by movement and sound.

*Fortune readings by Dragan. Hidden deep withing the labyrinthine spaces of W2, look for a man with cards (by donation).

doors at 9pm
performance 10-10:30
djs Deano & Mazeguider 10:30 onwards

112 W. Hastings (and Abbott)
$10 (!) at door only
19+ event

“The Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and is feared and revered in equal measure. It features in many Asian cultures as a manifestation of courage, power, passion and royalty. The Tiger symbolizes the female Yin energy as opposed to the Yang male energy of the dragon. Ancient Chinese believe that the markings on the forehead of tigers resemble the Chinese character for “Wang”, or King. In Imperial China, where the dragon is the insignia of the emperors, the tiger is the military emblem of the highest supreme commanders of the army symbolizing fearlessness and victory. The Tiger also represents earth, while the dragon represents Heaven. The powerful and stealth prowess of the Tiger inspire the martial art movements of many Kung-Fu masters.”

Those who are skilled in combat
do not become angered.

Those who are skilled at winning
do not become afraid.

Thus, the wise win before they fight
while the ignorant fight to win.

Sun Tzu, “The Art of War

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