April Smith of AHA MEDIA is very honored to be the guest speaker at BCGEU’s fall Labour Institute on Saturday November 7, 2009



BCGEU is holding their  fall Labour Institute in early November, which is a three-day school with an academic stream and a campaigns stream. This time BCGEU’s campaigns stream is just for young workers (under 30).

April Smith will be speaking on how she got involved in social justice activism, how she uses social media in social justice activism and why it’s valuable, and a bit about the projects she’s worked on or are working on currently.

Below is an excerpt from April’s speech:

My future hopes and plans are if I can turn out more empowered, more knowledgeable and informed people who are aware of our social justice activist issues, I would be happy.  Working with others, I would love to bring together all communities to work, learn and grow from each other, I feel that would be a wonderful thing. I am hoping that through social media collaborations through the online and offline worlds through coming together for conferences like these and meeting one another, I will be able to inspire others and we can empower each other. As a young single marginalized woman from the Downtown Eastside greatly affected by social justice issues, I hope that with all of us working together, we can build towards a brighter future with new media, social media and technology!

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