AHA MEDIA filmed at the Fight HST Rally at Canada Place in Vancouver

AHA MEDIA was invited to go and film at the http://www.FightHst.com Rally on Saturday, Sept 18, 2009 at Canada Place. An estimated 5,000 people showed up to support the cause!

Fight HST rally


Speakers included

Tom Shields – M.C. (Former Mayor of Osoyoos)

Tom Shields - M.C. (Former Mayor of Osoyoos)


Bill Vander Zalm – Host (Former BC Premier)

Bill Vander Zalm


Carole James – Leader of the Official Opposition

Carol James


Bill Tieleman – No BC HST Facebook Creator / 24 Hours columnist.

Bill Tieleman


Below is a photo of April Smith of AHA MEDIA with Ellen Woodsworth, Deputy Mayor of Vancouver who gave a rousing speech!

April with Ellen

AHA MEDIA wishes to thank Rainer Schmoll of http://www.thinkreferrals.com, Event organizer for the invitation to come and film at the Fight HST rally.

Rainer and Bill with concerned citizen


Below is a twitter update from Lorraine Murphy http://www.raincoaster.com

raincoaster  Congrats to @AHAMedia, who made the news on all major networks for their coverage at the anti-HST rally


Please see http://www.FightHST.com for videos and photos of the rally!

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