AHA MEDIA is very pleased to introduce our newest member of our team – Alain Assailly

AHA MEDIA is very pleased to introduce our newest member of our team – Alain Assailly !  🙂

Alain Closeup

Free lance journalist and independant photographer, Alain Assailly has been living in Vancouver since May 2008.

He frequently contributes to The/La Source multicultural newspaper (www.thelasource.com).

He has also written articles in the frenchspeaking newspaper « L’Express du Pacifique » (www.lexpress.org).

 In France, from 1991 to 1993, he attended the film school ESRA (« Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle »). There he learned techniques in photography, video and cinema production. Then, after passing a French Law degree (to learn about copyright in France), he got a Master in Corporate Communication in 1999 (equivalent to the Canadian Bachelor of Arts degree).

 After his studies, he occupied different positions in France : Advertising Manager (including events organization), Webmaster assistant, Sales Representative, Account and Staff Manager (in the cleaning industry).

 Alain has decided to start a new and fresh life in Canada, where he immigrated to in 2008. After working in a fast food restaurant as a Counter Attendant in North Vancouver, he now strives to challenge himself. He aims to specialize in the production of documentaries and wants to support the development of the upcoming W2 Community Media Arts Centre in Vancouver (www.creativetechnology.org).

 He’s still a member of the France-Canada Organization based in Paris, in France (www.france-canada.info). This organization deals with the social and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

 In 2006, Alain was keen to discover the North American way of life and to improve his English. So, Alain stayed in Canada for one year from 2006 to 2007 with a Working Holiday Visa. He worked in Toronto as a Sales Assistant in a Fine Food Store. Then, he moved in Montreal where he set up his own business : a seasonal store to sell ice cream and candies. He stopped this temporary business when his visa was expired. His Canadian adventure was just about to begin!


Below is a photo of April Smith welcoming Alain Assailly to the AHA MEDIA team! 🙂

April with Alain 1




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