AHA MEDIA is very proud to be a part of Fresh Media events that will be produced by W2 Community Media Arts in Vancouver !

AHA MEDIA is very proud to be a part of Fresh Media events that will be produced by W2 Community Media Arts in Vancouver !

W2 Community Media Arts http://www.creativetechnology.org

The current media system in Canada is going through major
 transformations with both the fall of traditional journalism and
 corporate media and the rise of new social media tools and citizen
 journalism.  Now is the time to re-imagine and re-invent what we want
 Canada’s media to look like.  Now is the time to create an innovative
 and informative media system for the present and the future – to
 celebrate what we have and to create the future of media together.
 Now is the time to call upon awesome, energetic and positive people to
 help make our media FRESH.

  • Why Fresh Media?


Fresh Media – is an event to re-imagine journalism and celebrate the
opportunities for media in the 21st Century.  We are the future we’ve
 been waiting for and we can create what we want media to be.  We will
 host 2 events: an afternoon forum on Saturday October 24, 2009
 highlighting different forms of media, panels, workshops, showcases
 etc.   Fresh Media events and The Fresh Media Crew are sponsored by
 openmedia.ca (formerly Campaign for Democratic Media).

The purpose of this meeting is to envision the Fresh Media events
 slated for Saturday October 24 and Saturday November 7, 2009 and to
 bring together an awesome crew of people who would like to have a hand
 in orchestrating these fun events that will celebrate the future of
 Canada’s media.

We have a star studded crew building here!

Reps from CBC, Suzuki  Foundation, TheTyee, W2, OpenMedia.ca/CDM, Canadian University Press and more!

Steve Anderson is the national coordinator for the Campaign for Democratic Media. He is a contributing author of Censored 2008 and Battleground: The Media and has written for The Tyee, Toronto Star, Epoch Times, Common Ground, Rabble.ca and Adbusters.

Reach him at:

Media Links is a syndicated column supported by CommonGround, TheTyee, Rabble.ca, The Vancouver Observer, and VUE Weekly

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