AHA MEDIA meets the SPUD Patrol on Hastings Street in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

AHA MEDIA was very pleased to see the SPUD Patrol giving away baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and onions in front of the Hastings Street Garden and Onsite on East Hastings Street in Vancouver Downtown Eastside


Serving Potatoes to Unrecognized Devas – SPUD. The word “Deva” is from Sanskrit, the Indian sacred language and means “angel” or “divine being”. SPUD patrol has become a sweet and simple way for everyday people to do something tangible to show their love for those who are suffering. SPUD patrols are now beginning in cities around both the United States and Canada

SPUD Patrol 6

SPUD Patrol 9

SPUDS were enjoyed by both types of people – the Hungry and the Helpful

SPUD Patrol 14

SPUD Patrol 16

Below are photos of  Jeffrey Armstrong, Founder of SPUD Patrol http://www.spudpatrol.com speaking with Ken Glofcheskie of AHA MEDIA

SPUD Patrol 22

SPUD Patrol 23

SPUD Patrol is very welcomed in Vancouver Downtown Eastside 🙂

SPUD Patrol 24

SPUD Patrol 26

SPUD Patrol 27

SPUD Patrol 28

SPUD Patrol 29

SPUD Patrol 30

To see all 30 Photos of SPUD Patrol, Please see our Flickr:


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