AHA MEDIA ‘s photo is a finalist in Pivot’s Hope in Shadow Top 40 Finalists Votes for Best Photos at Carnegie Centre from July 6 to 10, 2009!!

,Hope in Shadows Top 40 photos vote

Last month, AHA MEDIA participated in Pivot’s Hope in SHadow 3 day photography contest in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES) where the theme was ” Heart of the Community” https://ahamedia.ca/2009/06/06/aha-media-to-participate-in-pivots-hope-in-shadows-3-day-photography-contest-in-vancouver-downtown-eastside-dtes/

We are very proud to say that AHA MEDIA’s Peter Davies’s photo of April Smith is Photo No. 3 – Please Come down and vote for Photo No 3 for AHA MEDIA to be in 2010’s Hope In Shadows Calendar!! 🙂

Peter with his photo of April that made it into Top 40

Please Come down to Carnegie Centre  and vote for Photo No 3 for AHA MEDIA to be in 2010’s Hope In Shadows Calendar!! 🙂

April sitting No 3
When?   From July 6 to 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where?  On the street outside Carnegeie Community Centre (Main and Hastings in Vancouver)
What?  Comunity members can vote for their favorite photos. This vote decides the ranking of contest winners

Peter and Paul

Vote for Top 40 with Pink Ballot

Vote for Top 40

In this video, April Smith of AHA MEDIA films Hope in Shadows’ Display of the Top 40 Finalists with a mentor of AHA MEDIA – Jon Ornoy of Animal Mother Films http://www.animalmotherfilms.com standing with Paul Ryan of Pivot’s Hope In Shadows Project

Jon Ornoy filming April Smith

Jon Ornoy and Paul Ryan



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