Ken of AHA MEDIA reports on electrocution of a tenant at Arco Hotel in Vancouver Downtown Eastside ( DTES )

Ken reports from an alley

In this video, Ken Glofcheskie of AHA MEDIA reports on how a tenant got electrocuted while climbing the fire escape at the rear of the Arco Hotel.

There was an unfortunate incident at the Arco Hotel on Pender St. recently that saw a tenant electrocuted while climbing the fire escape at the rear of the building. According to reliable sources the tenant lives on the fourth floor of the Arco and was attempting to scale the fire escape when he grabbed a live wire and was electrocuted.

The tenant received serious injuries and is currently in hospital in a coma. The hand that came into contact with the wire had two fingers completely burned off and the rest of his hand was blackened to the bone according to witnesses at the scene. In all probability this person will lose his hand. As well, the tenant received life threatening injuries to the groin area as the current arced through his body to the waist high metal railing on the fire escape.

Witnesses also say that he was in contact with the wire for almost twenty seconds as his hand froze shut on the wire once he came into contact with the electrical current which also caused his stomach to blow wide open as his whole body erupted into flames!!

While BC Hydro appears to insulated the wire of cause of problems with a protective barrier, there is still a live wire that runs close to the fire escape that remains unprotected.

Electrocution at Arco Hotel on fire escape in Vancouver DTES

The Arco, which is managed by ATIRA Property Management, have in the past received recommendations from both the previous and current managers to provide security camera coverage for the fire escape area as there has been an ongoing problem with misuse of the fire escape by tenants either sneaking in guests after hours or avoiding use of the front door for whatever reasons.

 Although it can not be said with certainty that a camera would have prevented this tragedy, with a desk staff monitoring the cameras there would have been at least the opportunity to have seen this person scaling the fire escape and immediate preventive measures could have been taken.

Hopefully this will motivate ATIRA to provide such coverage in an attempt to prevent such further senseless and serious injury. The Arco is a BC Housing building recently purchased in the well publicized buying spree in the run up to the recent provincial election.

  1. July 3, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Interesting story April.

    What day did this happen?

    Has it been reported by mainstream news media?

    I’ve been following your news pieces and think you guys are doing a great job.

    Just a suggestion, it would have been helpful if Ken would have identified himself early in the video as a member of AHA Media. I realize it’s printed on the page, but at first I thought he was a witness, not a reporter.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. July 6, 2009 at 7:56 am

    My question is why is it that people living in SRO’s have to sneak friends in,or sigh in and out and or show ID.
    On one hand they are covered by the residential Tenancy Act,but on the other they have few of the rights enjoyed by most renters.
    Can you imagine a landlord out side of the DTES daring to ask for ID from those visiting a tenant. Or telling a tenant when and if they can have guests.

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