AHA MEDIA volunteered at Work Less Party on Saturday June 6th

AHA MEDIA worked hard while volunteering to do Coat Check at a past Work Less Party party event at  Japanese Language School on Saturday June 6th

Work Less party website is http://www.worklessparty.org

Below is a photo of Peter Davies, Hendrik Beune and April Smith of AHA MEDIA  waiting for the Party to start.


Below is a photo of the Carnival Band giving a live performance to electrify the evening !


Below is a photo of Paul Preibisch dropping off his coat with us. Paul is a very dynamic man !  http://www.youtube.com/Fire2006


AHA MEDIA is luckily very open minded and we always do our job to the best of our ability 🙂

Below is a pair of boxer briefs that were checked in with us! The owner assured us that they were very clean! 🙂


Since the Work Less Party events are always a costume party – the followoing photo shows a man dressed up as “Drunk and Arrested B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell in Hawaii” complete with Beer can.  What a parody!


Below is a photo of fantastic drummers enticing people to dance to their beats


The Work Less Party always throws an amazing party for Vancouver to enjoy! 🙂

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