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Photos of Vancouver Seed Bank in Strathcona neighborhood, Vancouver

AHA MEDIA was given a tour of the Vancouver Seed Bank’s beautiful backyard and GREEN space.


Located at 872 East Hastings St,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

THE VANCOUVER SEED BANK is proud to present a growing selection of seeds from medicinal, edible, psychoactive and otherwise useful plants from around the world.

We are offering seeds for dozens of different entheogens and medicinal herbs, plus edible herbs and vegetables including dozens of special varieties of heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, beans and other heritage garden plants.

Check our shipping policies for details about making a purchase online.


Our retail store and garden lounge
is open to the public
every day from 11am – 7pm PST.
Call us at 778 329 1930.

Adults only. 18+.

. The  lounge includes a trippy Movie and Gaming Room, an Internet Cafe, and a stunning outdoor garden,  while you enjoy a smoothie or an espresso.vsb-1


A beautiful water fountain and pool forms a rare oasis setting in Strathcona.


Comfortable chairs to sit and chat with your neigbours 🙂


In the next photo, the  mesh screens hanging above the garden pool will be soon filled with flowers, moss and vines to create living art! 🙂


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