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Pictorial Review of Knight and Day Restaurant at Lougheed and Boundary in East Vancouver

AHA MEDIA decided to go for breakfast at Knight and Day Restaurant in East Vancouver

3684 Lougheed Hwy
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-299-7701
Fax: 604-299-1922

This is a restaurant that is open 24 hours except on Sundays when they close early.

Well worth the drive out to this East Van location, AHA MEDIA walked in hungry for a quick breakfast and were immediately greeted by friendly staff who sat us down to our table. 

We  didn’t  even have time to look at the two enormous aquariums stocked with giant sized fish which is a nice calming and welcoming focal point upon Knight and Day’s entrance way. It was peaceful atmosphere with other couples enjoying their meals, judging by the smiles on their faces


Our waitress was a very sweet,  lovely and vivacious young woman named “Shane” (her nickname ) who was of Iranian and Kurdish descent. She was prompt and was very nurturing in her service, always there at the right time to refill our drinks and make light conversation with us. 🙂

Since we were on a time budget, she responded by quickly bringing out our dishes  and cooked to perfection!


My dining companion ordered Steak and Eggs which were smothered in Grilled Mushrooms.


 He was surprised at the amount of food!  “Wow!”

While eating his steak, he exclaimed that it was so tender, he could cut it with a fork! 🙂  ” How’s that for a breakfast steak? , he announced as he happily ate his breakfast with great gusto!


I ordered a Cheese Omelette :


 I was really amazed at the amount of cheese in the omelette!  I was very happy! 🙂


We were lucky to sit by the two gigantic aquariums  which provided us some visual entertainment while we had a nice conversation. It was a very relaxing time to eat at Knight and Day Restaurant despite our tightly packed schedule. 🙂



Our bill with drinks came to only $25.50. For the quality of food and service, we expected to see a higher amount, so we tipped our waitress some more 🙂

Our experience at Knight and Day was exceptional! 🙂 Lovely and attentive waitress, Very Good Food, and Great value! We were very happy with our East Vancouver food choice compared to a more recent Downtown Vancouver restaurant review of ours which was  more expensive  coupled with bouts of inattentive service to our table.

As we were leaving, our wonderful waitress called out ” Please come back soon !” –  When was the last time, a waitress wanted you to come back and truely meant what she said?  🙂

Just that one final comment alone from her was a nice finishing touch to our breakfast and a great start to our busy day!

AHA MEDIA will definitely be coming back to Knight and Day at Lougheed and Boundary! 🙂

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