Pedicabs Training in Chinatown ( sponsored by BOB – Building Opportunities with Business )

Sunny Days and sunny smiles! 🙂

Pedicabs and their new tour guides from our local area including the Vancouver Downtown Eastside training and learning many things including:maintenance, customer service, time and small business management and skills and history of both Chinatown and Gastown – our tourists and local citizens are in for a treat! 🙂

In  the photo below, Garvin Snider dressed in red is training to be one of the newest Pedicab operators 🙂


The Pedicab project is outlined below and highlights some of the work that BOB is currently doing in our neighborhood 🙂


A pedicab is a bicycle-rickshaw ridden by a tour guide for hire and usually seats one or two passengers. The pedicab project is led by the Chinatown Business Improvement Association (BIA), with BOB providing a grant to kick-start development of the project.


By providing visitors with an environmentally friendly, fun and novel way of seeing the sights, the BIA expects to boost tourism and employment in the inner-city. Best of all, passengers will find the pedicab experience from the waterfront through Gastown and Chinatown an adventure with knowledgeable guides willing and able to provide a unique and multi-faceted experience.

In the photo below, Hendrik Beune, Director of AHA MEDIA, smiles and waves as he takes a test ride as a new Pedicab tour guide for our two historical neighborhoods – Gastown and Chinatown 🙂


BOB’s BusinessLink program will assist in the recruitment and training of pedicab guides in the inner-city. This project is just another example of how BOB is helping bring positive change to the inner-city.

For more information about this project, please contact Andrew McKay at (778) 328-7672 or email


Our new tour guides even get history lessons to help them tell their tales to their adventure-loving passengers!  


After all the training and lessons Pedicab guides will be fit and ready to welcome anyone to our area! 🙂

 Our summer in our neighborhoods of Gastown and Chinatown are going to get alot more exciting and more friendly with our new PediCab tourguides! 🙂

More PediCab training photos on our Flick :

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