AHA MEDIA’s April Smith’s 5 Question Video for KontentCreative.com

AHA MEDIA’s April Smith is lucky and honored to be the very first video interviewee for http://www.KontentCreative.com

This interview at  http://kontentcreative.com/blog/ was filmed on a Nokia N95 Cameraphone. 🙂


Vodpod videos no longer available.


April Smith
Co-Founder and Producer of AHA MEDIA


April Smith is an avid mobile new media livestreaming videographer/photographer using HTC Touch Pro and Nokia N95/N77 cameraphones.

She is a W2 Community Media Arts Centre Programming Assistant and a Project leader/Cheerleader for Fearless Media and for the Fearless City Mobile Project

April Smith is a Co-founder and Producer of mobile media production group AHA MEDIA.

At AHA MEDIA, we are emerging independent mobile social media event reporters and new media hyper local citizen journalists. Based in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, we cover community news and special events & functions with our ongoing learnings of technology, mobile media production and cameraphone capacity in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

1) What’s the one piece of online or offline technology that you can’t live without?

My Nokia Cameraphone, specifically my Nokia N95 (which filmed the 5 Qs video), N77 and HTC Touch ( where I can livestream content)

2) What is your favourite online resource?

Twitter! It’s a fantastic tool where my friends and supporters can talk and meet!  I get to find out information in real time, real opinions from real people. I would have to say that I use it alot more than Google :)

3) How many e-mails do you get in a day?

50-60 emails a day and that’s not including all the DM (Direct Messages) or @AprilFilms  messages on Twitter. There’s lots of information going back and forth within my day!

4) Tomorrow there is no internet. What do you do?

I would do what I do every day and that’s go out and film with my cameraphone Whether it be in the DTES down an  alley covering a new story or to cover a very special social media or twitter event in Vancouver :)

5) Are you followed or are you a follower?

Both! :) I follow lots of different people, all sorts of people that are very interesting and I hope to be followed also:)  I hope that in this regard, people can share all sorts of information and if you can be the follower and the followee, you’re definitely doing the best of both of both worlds!

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