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Illuminate Yaletown Photos

On Saturday, February 21st, 2009, light art will illuminate yaletown. As the only outdoor event to take place in Vancouver at this time of year, this event will bring light to a gloomy night.


Featuring light installations developed by artists and architects, cutting edge music and interactive activities, illuminate yaletown will allow attendees to see Vancouver as it has never been experienced before.

iy-5This will be the first annual illuminate yaletown, developed to showcase creative talent and brighten up a gloomy winter evening.



Hamilton Street Grill puts the Chill and the Grill in Yaletown’s First Light Party

Vancouver’s first outdoor light-as-art show, “Illuminate Yaletown”, kicks off at 5:29 pm sharp (official sunset), Saturday, February 21st outside the Hamilton Street Grill, 1009 Hamilton Street in Yaletown.





Featuring light installations designed and developed by artists and architects, pyrotechnics, fire dancing, cutting edge music, interactive activities and a display of illuminated ice sculptures, Illuminate Yaletown shows off Vancouver‘s hippest community in a whole new light!



With light-as-art installations throughout Yaletown, the brick lined docks up and down Hamilton and Mainland all lined with restaurants and bars, we will show you just what an outdoor winter party in Vancouver

is all about.
Illuminate Yaletown is a free, family friendly outdoor light show running from 5:29 pm until 9:30 pm, one night only, Saturday, February 21st, 2009





See more Illuminate Yaletown photos on our Flickr


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