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AHA MEDIA attended the Obama Celebration hosted by 3rdWhale.com at Ceili’s Irish Pub on Granville Street.

Reposted from 3rdWhale site:


3rdWhale Invites Vancouver to Celebrate Obama’s Inauguration

January is an exciting month for everyone at 3rdWhale! Not only are we excited about the inauguration of Obama, but we’re also launching our iPhone application in Vancouver!

Obama’s Administration is focusing a lot more attention on the ‘green’ economy, through investment in alternative energies, stronger carbon fuel standards and reduced dependence on foreign oil. We expect that any widespread shift in US policy will be reflected with a similar shift in Canada. We’re at an incredibly important crossroads in modern human history, and though Obama doesn’t have all the answers, we believe he’s asking the right questions.

Our iPhone application is a location based service (LBS) that helps you make environmentally sustainable purchasing decisions while on the go by providing a directory of all the green businesses and services near you. As Obama brings hope to the policy and government pieces of a sustainable future, consumer choices play a role in creating change in business; the 3rdWhale Mobile application makes it easier for people to choose ‘green’.

So we’re going to celebrate both these events on January 20th! Obama is inaugurated a 9:00am PST, so we’re going to record the live event, and watch it after work. We invite you (Vancouver) to join us for  Obama’s inauguration speech, prizes (including an iPhone), and a few good drinks at Ceili’s Irish Pub!

We’re also going to have computers set up at the event so you will be able to register with One Million Act of Green. By joining the 3rdWhale group – we can count all our act, and see the difference that we’re making in the world!

If you’re not familiar with 3rdWhale yet, you soon will be (at least, that’s the hope…). We’re a young technology start-up from here in Vancouver, with the goal of enabling sustainable living through the use of mobile and web technologies. Our first release is the 3rdWhale iPhone app, which will be in the Apple Store shortly.

A BIG thank-you to Habitat Enterprises for making this event carbon neutral!





Below : KK and Ward ( Head DJ) of Ceili’s Irish Pub share a chat. Ward was a most exceptional host who make us all feel very welcome!  He is outstanding and went above and beyond to make us all happy! Our group will sure come back to Ceili’s because of Ward!


Below is a sign for an event that Ceili’s Irish Pub has on Thursday Night : Dueling Pianos directed by Peter Robinson!  Please check out their website.



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  1. January 21, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Thanks for coming out! I’m glad that you had a great time. Ward and the Ceili’s team were absolutely fantastic hosts! Highly recommend them for events!

  2. January 22, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Ward has made me rethink my idea of Ceili’s. Thanks to him, I had a great time.

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