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AHA MEDIA ventured into the area of Kerrisdale

Two AHA MEDIA members ventured into the area of  Kerrisdale to see an art show and left the DTES area’s  hustle and bustle.

The busy Christmas shopping season was certainly amplified with the abundance of stores hours opening later for shoppers and gift buying being highly encouraged on the streets of Kerrisdale.

There is such a stark contrast between the areas of  DTES and Kerrisdale. The biggest difference we saw were the prices of items and the lush atmosphere of the many high end stores.  To illustrate our point,  a slice at a local DTES vendor is $1-$1.25 a slice where a Flying Wedge Pizza’s slice  retail at $4.50+ !! 

Granted, one gets what one pays for in life but we were surprised at how much impoverished one could feel by simply walking around and seeing how some well-heeled society folks in Kerrisdale live in abundance. 

We as AHA MEDIA realize that simple things like the joy of  eating restaurant fare can be out of reach of the ordinary citizens of the DTES.

The  way the current welfare system rates are at, most DTES society members ( after paying for their rents ) live on less than $6.oo a day!  Given that tight of a budget leaves no room for a welfare recipient  to have a little bit of fun and be able to live a life.

How is one to budget for food, toiletries and medications? How about trying to make daily ends meet on the cost of a “rich slice of pizza”? ( After taxes added on a ” $4.50 + slice of pizza ” is sure to somewhat equate the less than $6.00 a day one on welfare has to live on)


While waiting for the bus to bring us back downtown eastside, we took a photo of an old train wheel being used again for an artful purpose.

It’s good to know that one is alway rich ( in feeling ) when you have the kind and loyal people, supporting non profit societies, community centres and friends in the DTES.  Kerrisdale is a nice place to visit, but we’d rather just visit when we want to and be able to appreciate the differences between our area of the DTES to the more high end Kerrisdale.


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