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Remembrance Day 2014 at Victory Square, Vancouver

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217th DTES Street Market in Vancouver

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217th DTES Street Market and 32nd Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

Another great sunny day.

The temperatures soared over 32 degrees.

This time, we were fully prepared with lots of freezies, icecream, and cold pop in our freezer and cooler.

It was a record day for selling…  over $425 – which makes an all time Street Market record!!!

This Sunday was our Pride Market.

The pride parade was happening all over the West End, and some pride celebrations were visible at our market throughout the day.

It was also the third day with our new security guards.

The great beginnings progress is coming along amazingly.

We now have 3 large murals being painted, and offer 45 distinct jobs during Sunday (our old figure was between 28 and 30).

This week we added the positions of “Greeters”.

The greeters will stand at the entrances of the market to maintain our perimeter. They will have the opportunity to stop someone that wants to vend and is not a member of the market, and will also be able to call for help if there is trouble.

The greeter on the north end of the market was given a radio, since they will be quite separated from the main tent.

8 radios are now deployed at the market during Sunday

2 – with both RPICs

2 – with both coordinators

2 – with the new security guards

1 – with the Eidge liaison

1 – with the north end greeter

Our hope is to pick up a few more, but with only one channel, we are limited to about 10 radios without having too much cross talk.

Only a few incidents to mention – a couple was arguing and needed to be escorted out of the market, and our RPIC#2 became sick early in the day and needed to go home.

Here is a list of the 45 distinct jobs during the day

2 x coordinators (12 hours each)

4 x early morning cleanup (3 hours each)

2 x RPIC 1 and 2 in the morning (5 hours and 4 hours)

8 x tent crew (1 hour each)

3 x guards in the morning (3 hours each)

2 x marshals in the morning (4 hours each)

2 x greeters in the morning (2.5 hours each)

1 – eidge liaison

1 – media

2 x RPIC 1 and 2 in the afternoon (5 hours and 4 hours)

8 x tent crew (1 hour each)

3 x guards in the afternoon (3 hours each)

2 x marshals in the afternoon (4 hours each)

2 x greeters in the afternoon (2.5 hours each)

3 x cleanup in the afternoon (3 hours each)

For a total of 133 volunteer hours every Sunday.

This does not include the 16 hours of time from the BST trained security guards.

So, the grand total number of human-hours it takes to put on the market has jumped to 149!

This is such an amazing example of achievement for the Downtown Eastside and we are so proud of the volunteers each and every week.

Financial Report

1) 50/50 Raffle:  $33.25

2) Tents/Tables: $112.85

3) Coffee/Pop Sales: $281.20

Total Revenue for the day: $427.30 (Huge all time record!!!)

Total spending for the week: $245.92

Petty Cash now = $840.26

Vendor/Market Summary

We counted 188 Vendors at noon. This was a great number. Hardly any incidents and good mood at the market the whole day.

Number of tents deployed = 24

Number of tables deployed = 13 x 5 foot tables, 12 x 10 foot tables, 42 x 4 foot tables

67 total tables deployed during our event.

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210th DTES Street Market in Vancouver – Happy Father’s Day!

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210th DTES Street Market and 24th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:
It was a strange summer day.

Rain throughout, and at some times a torrential downpour.

Despite this, we had good stretches during which the weather was bright and sunny, and the market did quite well. The rain kept the crowd down a little, and the volunteers did a great job cleaning the park during and after the market.

The unit block and sidewalks farther east cleared out quite nicely during market hours. Right after the market finished, most of the vendors returned to vend in front of the old, now vacant, United We Can building.

We received some great news over the past week.

The City of Vancouver will help us with a pilot project to increase our capacity and security at the market.

We will employ private security from a local firm, so that there will be a necessary intermediate means of escalation between the street market volunteers and the police. We will be able to ensure that vendors that are not residents of the DTES will not be allowed to vend at our market, and we will be able to better enforce our reasonable market rules (no stolen goods, no weapons, no perishable food items, etc…).

Included in the pilot project will be the ability to print vendor ID badges, and to increase the number of volunteers to patrol the perimeter of the market, and help vendors find places if the market is crowded.

An exciting aspect of the project will be a large Greenway Mural that will define the eastern edge of the market. Local artists and artist organizations will be invited to participate and paint the nearly 40 panels of the 200 foot long mural.

We will be contacting the Guinness book of world records to determine if this would be the longest removable mural in Canada or the World.

We had very few interactions with the VPD on this Sunday.


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Roland Clarke, Jacek Lorek and Richard Cunningham have their photos taken by Ben Nelms of The Globe and Mail newspaper

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Roland Clarke, Jacek Lorek and Richard Cunningham of DTES Street Market have their photos taken by Ben Nelms, of The Globe and Mail Newspaper in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES) 0 Cover of DTES Street Market with Ben Nelms of Globe and Mail newspaper


DTES Street Market crew cleans up Victory Square in Vancouver

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On a sunny Friday afternoon, a crew from the DTES Street Market cleans up Victory Square in Vancouver

0 DTES Street Market cleans up Victory Square

207th DTES Street Market and 21th Street Market of 2014

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207th DTES Street Market and 21th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

It was a great spring day despite the rain.

The rain started as a mere tinkle, then progressed to a downpour later in the afternoon.

We deployed all of our 10×10 canopy tents, and this helped the vendors survive the deluge. We had over 130 vendors despite the rain.

There were a number of good interactions with the police today. At least two vendors were escorted out of the market after selling questionable items. We made a point of thanking them, because these vendors were warned by volunteers earlier that their stuff was not allowed at the market. One vendor was selling clearly tagged items, and another had a bike that was quite suspect. Our volunteers reasonably can not lay a hand on a vendor, so asking them to leave is the limit of our powers. We welcome the help from the VPD to allow us to create an orderly, safe, and family friendly market.

Jacek constructed a number of new carts out of spare parts –  using the HXBIA tool share tools – and they are working great. We were able to lower the weight per cart, and now have three table carts, instead of piling them on two.

Our constantly evolving operation keeps improving and allowing us to build a better market to serve the vendors of the DTES.

In many ways, we believe that we are turning a corner.

With a small boost in operational support for things like private security, improved perimeter fencing, and a proper vendor ID tag system, we know that we can eliminate much of the negative stereotype for our market, and create the tourist attraction that the DTES desperately needs.

0 DTES St Mkt Sun May 25 2014

206th DTES Street Market and 20th Street Market of 2014

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206th DTES Street Market and 20th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

It was an amazing sunny day.
This was our Victoria Day market.

Like last week, we had an overflow of vendors, and needed to get out our hose and start washing the area around the corner on Cordova St.
We sent some volunteers to check on it at 11:30 and did not see any vendors. By 12:30 we already had an angry email from Steven, the manager of the Van Horne about having to get the hose out himself and chase the binners away. They were blocking the Queen store again.
We took the hose out and made sure that the binners did not come back. A number of exchanges between the coordinators and the Van Horne people suggested that they were happy with the outcome.

We did have an incident with one of the illicit drinkers getting out of hand. We were forced to resolve the issue ourselves.

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