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Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA on 3rd snowfall in Vancouver while at Woodwards Building

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Below are photos and a livestream video of Peter Davies on the 3rd snowfall in Vancouver while at Woodwards Building

Portland FC players fresh from Yoga Class in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Below are photos of our Portland FC players, the same ones who went to represent Canada at the Homeless World Cup in Brazil fresh from Yoga class in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

After an invigorating Yoga workout, our Portland FC team went to their Sunday Soccer practice

AHA MEDIA sees Woodward’s Neon Sign and W drawn in the snow

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Below are photos of Woodward’s W Neon Sign and W drawn in the snow.

AHA MEDIA at Woodwards community Thanksgiving dinner where today is proclaimed Vancouver Street Soccer League Day on Mon Oct 11, 2010

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA was pleased to attend the Woodwards community Thanksgiving dinner on Mon Oct 11, 2010

Below is Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA with Dennis, a resident of Woodwards SRO

The Woodwards Atrium was beautifully transformed to a gorgeous dining room setting

Irwin Oostindie of W2 Community Media Arts with daughter

Below is Mayor Gregor Robertson with Patrick and Robert of Team Vancouver for Street Soccer

Below is Sarah Blyth with Jim Green speaking about Team Vancouver for Street Soccer that went to Brazil for Homeless World Cup 2010

Mayor Gregor Robertson proclaiming Vancouver Street Soccer League Day on October 11, 2010

Team Canada for Street Soccer at Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup Day 5

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Coach Alan Bates writes:

Hi Street Soccer fans,

It’s way past my bedtime, so this might be a bit of a short update (editors note: it isn’t). I sleep on the top of a very wobbly triple bunk bed in the players’ room, so going to bed is always a bit of an adventure. Our room is a bit of an adventure packed into a very small space. You know how Ikea can make any space look nice? We sort of do the opposite.

Pictures from day 5:

Today was obviously very exciting because we had our first two games. After getting ready in the morning, we made our way to the venue and onto the practice pitch to get warmed up. We had a good warm-up, but the Irish looked like they really knew what they were doing. It turned out that was more than a hunch. In a result that should surely put my job on the line, we got our butts kicked 15-1 by Ireland. The HWC website says 17-1, but that’s just not true and it does make a difference. The highlight of the game was when Jeremy Isaac introduced the ball to the top corner of the Irish net off a well placed corner by Peter Chow to make it 1-1. It was almost as if we practiced it (cough – we did – cough). The TSN turning point came when Ireland went ahead 2-1, about 3 minutes into the game. Before the game, I told the guys I just wanted to feel like we left it all on the field. That’s exactly what I felt. We learned a lot, but all the strategy in the world wasn’t going to win that game for us.

Our guys are so positive that you would have thought we won our first game 15-1. Everyone saw it as a learning experience and was honoured to have played with such a good team. We had a lot of fun between games. We got to watch a lot of great soccer. I’m calling Kenya and Mexico in the final. You heard it here first. I haven’t seen many of the women’s teams, but the guys like Norway and the Netherlands. But it might not be just soccer skill that they “like” about them, gnome sayin, so they might not be the teams to put your savings down on.

What we lack in scoring finesse, we make up for in cheering dominance. I think we deserve half the credit for Poland’s win over England today for our unending “Polska! Polska! Polska!” cheer throughout the game. I’ve got to admit that as someone with English roots who also lived in Nottingham for three years, it felt wrong inside to cheer against the three lions. The English keeper didn’t like our choice of alliance either and let us know about it after the game (in a very friendly way). I’ll have to teach the guys some British football chants and make it up to England another day.

Aside from our cheering, we’ve become well-loved in other ways as well. Yesterday, one of our guys came up to me to tell me that we were giving our shoes to Italy. “What!!?” was my immediate response. Turned out they ran out of free shoes and Italy didn’t bring as many as they needed. Some of their guys were looking at starting their game in flip-flops. Now, maybe this makes me a bad person, but I’ve got to say that even after the situation was explained to me a bit, I really didn’t like the idea of us giving away our shoes. We’ve done all this planning, come all this way, tried to make everything right, and the day before we play we’re going to give away our shoes!? To Italy!? Don’t they make shoes? But, of course, the guys were right. It was absolutely the right thing to do. The Italians only wanted to borrow the shoes. So, our shoes beat Croatia 8-6 and we got them back. Until today that is, when we lent them to Italy again between our games. I’m not sure what their result was, but if they won that means our shoes are a respectable 2 and 2 after today.

It’s our player Robert Milton’s birthday today and he requested ice cream, so we shared a couple of small tubs of it with lunch. Right after that, we went for a bit of a dip in the waves and some sandcastle building. The ridiculousness included backflips, and Baywatch-style David Hassellhoff  impressions.

Having watched Romania on the first day of games, I thought they were going to be tough but that we might be able to take them. They only had four guys on the first day, so I thought maybe we would tire them out with our full team. However, there’s a little known rule at the HWC that if a team is short of players, they can request to use local “inexperienced” players from the host country. That would be fine if this was India or even Sweden or something. Try finding an “inexperienced” soccer player in Rio. So, we played most of the second-half against two Brazilians and one Romanian (the games are four-aside, three and a goalie). The end result was an 8-2 loss, but you’ve got to believe me that we learned from our Ireland experience and actually played really great defense. You have to keep one player over half all the time, so you’re always defending with two against three. It’s a high-scoring game. We also had two great goals. Jeremy Isaac is now a goal-a-game man with his second of the tournament and Robert Milton celebrated his birthday by suavely sliding it past the Romanian keeper on a penalty.

The evening has had its share of interpersonal conflicts, so that’s been a bit rough on the players and the volunteers trying to patch everything together. The best medicine would be a win against Cambodia in the morning.

Thanks for your support,