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HOMELESSNESS AND GENTRIFICATION Walking Tour with CCAP – Carnegie Community Action Project for 7th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver on Saturday Oct 30, 2010

October 30, 2010 2 comments

Walking Tour

Saturday October 30, 11:30am–1pm
Meet at steps of Carnegie Community Centre, 401 Main

Learn for yourself how gentrification causes homelessness in the Downtown Eastside. Led by Wendy Pedersen and volunteers from the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), this walking tour will go past new market housing that is pushing up land values and rents in 100 year old hotels. Learn how low-income residents are organizing to slow gentrification and preserve the good things about their community while working for more social housing. CCAP is building consensus within the community for a vision of the Downtown Eastside that hopefully the city will adopt. Visioning reports and information on gentrification can be found on their blog: $10 for non-residents, pay what you can for local residents

Below is a video of Terry Hunter at Homelessness and Gentrification Walking Tour for Heart of the City Festival 2010

Below is a video of Wendy Pedersen at Homelessness and Gentrification Walking Tour for Heart of the City Festival 2010

AHA MEDIA is very proud to help provide social media coverage of the 7th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver from Pre festival events starting Wed Oct 20, 2010 through to the Main Festival during Wed Oct 27 – Sun Nov 7, 2010

AHA MEDIA is about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of  video or for additional footage, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or

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2010 Homeless Connect Events in Vancouver

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

October 10 – 16 is the fifth annual Homelessness Action Week

World Homeless Day is October 10. Add your voice to the call for a national, affordable housing strategy and contact your MP.

Check out the calendar of events for the week. Here are a few highlights:

October 13th

What: The Gathering Place Homeless Connect
Where: 609 Helmcken Street
When: 11pm – 2 pm

Homeless Action week provides a unique opportunity to educate and make people aware of the issues around homelessness including the impact of living with mental health and addictions.  Our main focus during this week is to host a one-stop shop called Homeless Connect where hundreds of individuals are connected directly with service providers and activities such as haircuts, foot soaks, hearing tests, gently used runners and much more.
For information about this event please call 604-665-2391

October 14th

What: Broadway Youth Resource Centre’s 11th Annual Open House
When: 1:00pm to 5:00 pm
Where: 691 East Broadway Street, Vancouver

This year’s celebration coincides with Vancouver’s Homelessness Action week, and we’re asking those attending to bring a non-perishable food item, or a pair of new socks.
Come out and celebrate 11 years of service at Broadway Youth Resource Centre.

October 15th

What: Vancouver Homeless Connect Event
Where: W2 Storyeum, 151 W Cordova
When: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Come out and be connected to services related to health, housing, employment, tenants rights, and income assistance.  Enjoy the live entertainment and stay for haircuts, massages, foot soaks, acupuncture, food and much more!

AHA MEDIA welcomes David Murray, Community Advocate for Social Justice back home in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently David Murray went on the 75 Anniversary of the On to Ottawa Trek where he spoke about the Red Tents Campaign to Parliament Hill in Ottawa

David Murray is now home in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside where he is sharing his many exciting experiences and memories.  Among his favorite memories was meeting the folks of ADDICQ ( Association for Defending Rights and Inclusion of people who use drugs in Quebec )  and when he toured through the House of Commons in Ottawa!

On to Ottawa Trek
Statements By Members

June 15th, 2010 / 2 p.m.
See context


Libby Davies Vancouver East, BC

Mr. Speaker, on the 75th anniversary of the historic “On to Ottawa Trek”, I am proud to welcome eight modern day homelessness trekkers from my riding of Vancouver East, who are here in Ottawa.

Am Johal, Diana Hart, Al Mitchell, Georges Maltais, Shawn Millar, David Murray, John Richardson and Garvin Snider left Vancouver on June 6 to re-enact the 1935 workers’ protest against poor wages and abysmal working conditions in government camps during the Great Depression.

This wonderful group is also marking the end of the 2010 Homelessness Hunger Strike Relay, which I was honoured to participate in.

These groups and over 50 major Canadian organizations are calling on the government to support a national housing strategy and to vote yes to Bill C-304.

AHA MEDIA from Vancouver Downtown Eastside is very proud to be featured on the Blog site of the Mayor of London, England – Boris Johnson!

December 17, 2009 2 comments

AHA MEDIA is very proud to be featured on Blog site of the Mayor of London – Boris Johnson!

Many thanks to our great mentor @Raincoaster for featuring AHA MEDIA and what we do in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside!


@Raincoaster writes

” We all know this blog belongs to the Mayor of London (although detached it is still his in spirit), and before that was based out of the cosmopolitan megalopolis of Henley, but for a moment I’d like to divert your attention to my own town, indeed my own neighborhood. I’d like to introduce you to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Queen of Hastings Street

Queen of Hastings Street

Image by Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA, From the Hope in Shadows collection, COPYRIGHT: Pivot Legal Society, 2009

Hendrik Gets His Chair by AHA Media


@Raincoaster writes ” With an average life expectancy in the mid-forties (thanks to disease, addiction, and the interlocking social and physical problems arising from substandard- or no housing), the DTES (Downtown Eastside) has been an archetypal skid row since the days in the last century when lumber was, in fact, skidded in the mud down the street on its way to the sawmill because wagons were for the rich folk.

Now, after more than a century of struggling with the issue, I’m proud to say that Vancouver has eliminated homelessness.

We anticipate increased life expectancy (as much as thirty years for DTES residents), a significant drop in crime (particularly violent crime), and an estimated $5000 per person “housing dividend,” reflecting the difference in social service expenditures between the housed and the homeless.

Gregor Robertson at Union Gospel Mission by AHA media

Gregor Robertson at Union Gospel Mission by AHA Media

If a Canadian may toot her city’s own horn, this is truly an amazing accomplishment and Mayor Gregor (Robertson), Premier Gordon Campbell, City Hall, social service agencies, advocacy groups and officials at all levels should be very, very proud. I salute them. Who can even imagine how it must feel to know, unequivocally, that you’ve changed the world for the better.

Here is the official Homelessness is Over press release, via the Pivot Legal Society, a great organization whose mandate is to ensure that the laws of the nation apply equally to all, and who are always on top of positive (and negative) developments in housing for the homeless in Vancouver:

Vancouver’s housing crisis is finally over. Today Ray Solda, Vancouver’s last homeless person, moved into his room in the Kansas Hotel, a new social housing building funded by the provincial government. Government officials and Canadians everywhere today are celebrating the end of homelessness in Vancouver, a city that has struggled with a homelessness crisis for years.

Today’s announcement is the result of a number of key investments made by the provincial government to build social and supportive housing as part of their visionary comprehensive housing strategy. Despite the up-front costs, government and experts alike are confident that ending homelessness in Vancouver will actually save money over the long term.

“The years of spiralling rates of homelessness, derelict hotels, over-crowded shelters and laws punishing those without a safe place to live are going to be remembered as a dark page in this province’s history” says Laura Track, Pivot’s housing campaigner. “But the way this government changed course and resolved the crisis is a testament to what is possible when governments show real leadership and determination to make positive social change.”

Already, Vancouver is being held up as model for the rest of the country. Governments around the world are looking to the province for guidance in addressing homelessness in their jurisdictions.  When asked what role she felt advocacy work had in ending homelessness, Track commented: “This accomplishment is the result of people coming together and saying they would not settle for anything less than an end to homelessness. It took everyday people saying yes, I will welcome social housing into my neighbourhood and taxpayers recognizing that it makes financial sense to tackle homelessness. Finally, it took governments hearing the call and making the decision to act.”

Once again: simply amazing. This is an incredible example to the rest of the world.

So you tell me: does London have what it takes?


You can learn more about London’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy here

AHA MEDIA at the scene of Little Mountain housing complex fire in Vancouver on Wednesday November 10, 2009

November 11, 2009 1 comment

AHA MEDIA responded to a tweet by Vancouver Sun on twitter who announced that

RT @VancouverSun Blaze breaks out at Little Mountain housing firefighters are battling a two-alarm blaze at t..


AHA MEDIA remembers when Little Mountain Co-op had an Art – In to raise awareness of the situation – “Artists and community members want to stop the demolition of the 224 homes at Little Mountain and have them re-opened for families in need of affordable housing”

Please see AHA MEDIA’s post of the Art – In dated January 12, 2009

AHA MEDIA arrived on the scene after the Vancouver Sun’s tweet on twitter and spoke to a reliable source onsite  who said:

“The Fire had occured between 6pm – 7pm.  Workers were finishing up for the day from cutting metal. and the fire happened…There is No Conspiracy Theory!”

Below are photos from the scene

Little Mountain Fire 1

Little Mountain Fire 2

Little Mountain Fire 3

Little Mountain Fire 4

Little Mountain Fire 5

Little Mountain Fire 6

Little Mountain Fire 7

Little Mountain Fire 8

Little Mountain Fire 10

Little Mountain Fire 11

Little Mountain Fire 12

AHA MEDIA asked if there was anyone hurt, the reliable source said “No!”