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AHA MEDIA is very proud to introduce Alvin Clayton, our newest Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES) Community Reporter !

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Alvin photo

AHA MEDIA is very proud to have Alvin Clayton – a First Nations Nisgaa elder as part of our Vancover Downtown Eastside ( DTES) Community Reporting team.

AHA MEDIA first met Alvin at the Upwords Magazine group at LifeSkills Centre and after seeing his preparation, dedication and Aboriginal governance skills to his unique style of reporting on homeless and health issues,  we were happy to invite Alvin to join AHA MEDIA.  🙂

AHA MEDIA is dedicated to helping  all our communities become more informed!

Vancouver Shelter Residents get thrown Human Feces !!!

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With thanks to Homeless Nation Vancouver Outreach team for this footage

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Video by J-Hock and Carter

This was flung over the Granville street bridge. A bag of of human feces, ladies and gentlemen. Yup, that is what the residents of the Granville street bridge area have resorted to…

It is important that we all understand that this is not a random act of vandalism or teenage hi-jinx… This is hate. Pure and simple. Xenophobic and gentrified in it’s intent. There are people living in the best rated city in the world flinging shit at people trying to survive in the shelters below. But, as you will see, they are at war to stay open against those very inconspicuous Fecal Fiends….



As someone mentioned today in CCAP meeting at Carnegie Centre

“Give Homeless People Homes, Not Hate or Sh!T!”

AHA MEDIA at the scene of a “suicide” Jumper on top of new Lux Hotel on East Hastings between Columbia and Carrall St in Vancouver Downtown Eastside ( DTES )

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 Jumper 10

 There was high drama on the 100 block of E. Hastings St Sunday evening shortly before 8pm when a  male perched himself atop the New Lux residence and  threatened to jump.

Jumper 6
 A crowd had quickly gathered with several shouting at the individual to go ahead and jump.

Jumper 1

Police responded promptly to string up yellow police line tape blocking off the whole block and moving the growing crowd of onlookers back far enough so as not to excite the individual. The man appeard to be agitated and would lean over the edge of the building every so often.

Jumper 4
 There was a tense moment as the police escorted an elderly Native gentleman who had found himself behind the police line. As he was being escorted he lost a shoe and one officer kicked it along on the ground which angered several in the crowd as they demanded that “an elder should be treated with more respect”.

Jumper 17

 Harsha Walia, a  activist at the DEWC  told the officer that this was not how an elder should be treated.

Jumper 28
 It was also noted by other DTES activists that there had been evictions at the New Lux and that this may be the reason for the actions of the man on the roof. 

Jumper 20

The New Lux is one of the new social housing buildings run by RainCity Housing and BC Housing that caters to the hard to house citizens of Vancouver and more specifically the Downtown Eastside (DTES).
Jumper 38 

At the time of this item going online (9:30pm) the man was still talking to police negotiaters and playing up to the large crowd of approximately 300 area residents.

Jumper 40
 How the man got onto the roof, why he took this action and what were the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident are questions that will need to be answered in the following days. 

Jumper 49

To see 53 of our photos on our Flickr


Below are links that can help in case of Suicide:

 The Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC (Crisis Centre)

British Columbia Crisis Lines

Suicide Hotlines with counselors that can help


AHA MEDIA wishes to congratulate Megaphone Magazine on winning two International Awards!

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AHA MEDIA wishes to give a big THANK YOU and a huge round of applause to Megaphone Magazine – Vancouver’s Street Magazine! Fantastic work and very prestigious honors!  You have represented us to the world in the very best of ways and we are honored to have worked with you! ! 🙂



Megaphone Wins Two International Awards
On Thursday, May 14th, Megaphone Magazine was the proud winner of two international awards at the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) conference in Bergen, Norway. Functionality‘, which appeared in Megaphone Issue #2.Falling Through the Cracks,’ which was published in The Tyee and then republished in Megaphone Issue #15:The prestigious international judging panel included Martin Wanjala Ocholi, a media consultant from Kenya; Sanjay Suri, editor for Inter Press Service (IPS), Europe-Mediterranean (IPS); Silja J.A. Talvi, an award-winning investigative journalist and author from the United States; and Oddleiv Apneseth, an award-winning photographer from Norway. The awards were chaired by David Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief of Reuters News and INSP’s Honorary President.Megaphone would like to congratulate Ahmad, Sean and The Tyee for their dedication to raising awareness about poverty and ending homelessness. 

Megaphone contributing photographer Ahmad Kavousian won ‘Best Photograph – Evoking deeper perspectives on poverty and injustice’ for his photo, ‘

“A beautifully shot image of a hammock rigged up on a beach debris – as Vancouver’s lack of affordable housing pushes more and more people onto the streets, the photo expresses the lengths to which some are driven just to find a place to sleep.”

And Megaphone Editor-in-Chief Sean Condon won the ‘Special Award for External Press – Advocating for the needs and rights of homeless people’ for his story, ‘

“Paul ‘Duncan’ Geisbrecht, a Vancouver homeless man, suffered from schizophrenia and crack cocaine addiction. When he died last year, he was just one week away from entering supportive housing. Tracing Paul’s life story, this piece illustrates how faults in Canada’s social system can have tragic consequences for society’s most vulnerable.”

“On behalf of all our vendors and volunteers, I would like to express what a great honour it is for Megaphone to win these awards,” said Condon, who attended the ceremony in Bergen with Megaphone editor Darren Atwater. “The International Network of Street Papers is a powerful movement that is reshaping the debate about poverty around the world while helping provide thousands of low-threshold jobs to homeless and low-income people. We here at Megaphone are very privileged to be a part of this movement and thank the judging panel for recognizing our hard work.”

“As a member of the official judging panel for two years running, I can attest to the continuing quality and depth of these entries, across the board–a fact most certainly due to rather than in spite of the diverse contexts, languages and geographies from which they have come,” said Schlesinger.


For more information, contact:

Sean Condon

Be the Change: an Unconference to Be The Change – Saturday May 23rd 2009 in Vancouver

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THE GREAT TURNINGTap into the Global Mindshift
And Get Ready T
Be The Change
You want to see in the world!

Join Vancouver’s Conversation of the Year!

May 23rd 2009, 9:30am to 7:30pm

Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St

This exciting and innovative gathering will convene a spicy mix of over 30 passionate community leaders and change agents. They will engage in intimate “circle talks” with a large and diverse group of citizens, to inspire, connect, brainstorm, dialogue, and move forward with personal and collective actions to change our world.

Join us for tasty food, stimulating conversation, a cash bar and live performances.  There will also be a kickin’ wrap up party put on by Tribal Harmonix!

Three short films by The Global Oneness Project will introduce global citizens solving real-life problems grounded in compassion, respect, and responsibility for all of life … click to see video trailer .   Oxfam Canada will speak to the significant impact that climate change is having on women in Africa and 3rd world countires.

The Great Turning is happening … dont miss it!   Mark your calendar and bring your friends.

The cost for the full day is $55 including lunch.  Dinner may be purchased for $11.  There will be live entertainment and a cash bar setup during that time.  Click below to use your credit card or PayPal to register.

Please arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 for check-in and registration. Complimentary coffee and snacks will be available.

Register and Pay NOW … if you have ANY issues with registration please call the office @ 604.269.9874

Click here for Scholarship form



Keynote & Round-Table Speakers





Daughters of the Drum

Aline LaFlamme

Cross-Cultural Reconciliation

Squamish Streamkeepers

Ana Santos

Salmon & Fish Farms: The Bare Bones

Wilderness Committee, Deputy Mayor

Andrea Reimer

Homelessness, Dignity & Empowerment

Nature’s Path

Arran Stephens

The Compassionate Diet

Wilderness Committee

Ben West

Our International Trade Relationships: Gateway to What?

Eco Granny

Betty Krawczyk

The Extended Family Regroups

Canadian Memorial United

Bruce Sanguin

Ecology, Spirituality, & The Evolution of Consciousness

Car Free Vancouver

Carmen Mills

Going Car Free

Conscious Planet

Charles-Norman Holmes

Conscious Commerce

Workless Party

Conrad Schmidt

Working less – Living more


Curtis Clearsky

To Be Confirmed


David Van Seters

Creating a Sustainable Food System


Susan Pinkus

Defending our Wildlife

Vancouver Public Space Network

Emily Jubenvill

Community Gardens

Sierra Club BC

George Heyman

Climate Justice: Equitable Approaches to Carbon Policy & Pricing

KDO:Dialogues on Drug Use

Gillian Maxwell

Our Addicted Society


Sustainable Building Centre

Helen Goodland

Green Homes – Making An Impression Without Leaving One

W2 Community Media Arts

Irwin Oostindie

Revitalization 2.0: Inner-City Change Making

Toxic Free Canada

Jackie Larkin

We All Live Downstream

OXFAM Canada

Joanna Kerr

Affects of Climate Change on Women


John Richardson

Awakening Justice

Be The Change Action Circle

Julia Hilton

The Two Block Diet

Check Your Head

Kevin Millsip

Green Jobs for a Real Economy

Tribal Harmonix

Little Woo

Alchemy of Inspiration

Recycling Alternative

Louis Schwartz

Garbage, Our Gateway to Action

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation

Margaret Mahan

Shrink Your Footprint – Use Your Feet

UBC Farm

Mark Bomford

Growing Young Farmers

Purple Thistle

Matt Hern

Bottom Up Urbanism – Citizen Engagement

Be The Change Earth Alliance

Maureen Jack-LaCroix

The Great Turning

Forest Ethics

Merran Smith

Alberta Tar Sands: The Dirtiest Oil on Earth

Carbon Offsetters

Morgan McDonald

Confessions of a Former Offset Skeptic

Save Our Rivers

Tom Rankin

Our Water – Our Future

CDN Memorial Eco-Team

Toni Pieroni

Reconnecting with Nature for Wellbeing


Tzeporah Berman

Climate Crisis and Being The Change

Dogwood Initiative

Will Horter

Oil Tankers Down Our Coast

AHA MEDIA particularly looks forward to the speeches by

 Irwin Oostindie of W2 Community Media Arts – Revitalization 2.0 Inner-City Change Making

Conrad Schmidt of Work Less Party – Working less – Living More