April Smith of AHA MEDIA was very pleased to attend a meeting at The Shebeen Club in Gastown, Vancouver

April Smith was pleased to attend a meeting at The Shebeen Club 7pm, Monday, October 26th  (.http://www.theshebeenclub.com ) and reconnect with Lorraine Murphy of http://Raincoaster.com and Chris Mathieson of http://www.VancouverPoliceMuseum.ca 🙂


Below is a photo of Lorraine Murphy, Robert Shaer, Chris Mathieson, Salim Jiwa and Dennis E. Bolen.

Shebeen 1


April Smith was honored to meet:

Featured speaker is Salim Jiwa, former investigative reporter for the Province, and founder of Vancouverite.com, a new hard-news site. He was the basis for the lead in the CBC series Jinnah on Crime, and he’ll be sharing his tales about being an intimate part of many of the major crime cases of our time and our city.

Salim Jiwa – Editor & Publisher of Vancouverite – High Speed Global News



In the next two  videos, Salim Jiwa, Editor and Publisher of http://www.vancouverite.com speaks at the Shebeen Club http://www.theshebeenclub.com in Gastown, Vancouver

These videos were  filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N95 mobile cameraphone. April is passionate and skilled in making Nokia films by exploring mobile media production through the camera lens of a cellphone. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or Facebook.com/AprilFilms


Shebeen 2

Shebeen 3

  1. October 28, 2009 at 4:24 am

    Thanks for this April. I intended to go to this event, but didn’t make it – so it was great to get a taste of the conversation.

  2. November 2, 2009 at 6:43 am

    Thanks for coming out and taking pix and video, great stuff as always, April!

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