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AHA MEDIA is very proud to help provide social media coverage of the 11th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival 2014 in Vancouver

October 25, 2014 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA is very proud to help provide social media coverage of the 10th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver from Wednesday October 29 to Sunday November 9, 2013

See AHA MEDIA’s coverage of last year’s Heart of the City Festival 2013 in reverse chronological order.

Below is Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA proudly holding the Brand New Heart of the City Festival 2014 Festival Program guide

4 AHA MEDIA is proud to do social media for Heart of the City Festival 20145 AHA MEDIA is proud to do social media for Heart of the City Festival 2014

Below is Garvin Snider and Clyde Wright of AHA MEDIA proudly holding the Brand New Heart of the City Festival 2014 Festival Program guide

1 AHA MEDIA is proud to do social media for Heart of the City Festival 2014 2 AHA MEDIA is proud to do social media for Heart of the City Festival 2014

Below is Garvin Snider of AHA MEDIA thanking people for supporting the Heart of the City Festival 2014

3 AHA MEDIA is proud to do social media for Heart of the City Festival 2014


Welcome to the 11th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival



Over 90 events at over 25 venues throughout the Downtown Eastside

Sean-Gunn3What an amazing decade it has been since the founding of the festival in 2004. With our 11th annual festival we are honoured to begin our second decade working with and for the Downtown Eastside.

To celebrate and launch this second decade, our 2014 festival theme is ‘Keeping the home fires burning.’  As we prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities of the coming decade, we are inspired by Downtown Eastside residents and artists who carry the flame of our community: they warm our hearts, shed light on pressing concerns, illuminate stories old and new, fire our imaginations, and keep the torch burning for future generations.

The upcoming 2014 Festival features a feast of twelve days of music, stories, songs, poetry, cultural celebrations, films, theatre, dance, processions, spoken word, forums, workshops, discussions, gallery exhibits, mixed media, history walks and an array of artists.

A special festival highlight is the Theatre in the Raw production of The Raymur Mothers, an original musical from Bill Sample and former Vancouver Sun reporter  Bob Sarti directed by Jay Hamburger. Featuring thirteen original and rousing songs, The Raymur Mothers brings to life the inspiring story of single moms living down on Campbell Avenue at the Stamps Place (Raymur) Public Housing Project.  In 1971 they took action on the train tracks, fighting for a pedestrian overpass to get their children safely to Admiral Seymour Elementary School.

Other 2014 highlights include festival favorites and festival surprises: Carnegie Jazz Band, Barrio Flamenco, Sawagi Taiko, Dovbush Dancers, Keepers of the Flame: A Celebration of Poetry, and much more to be announced.


Visit the Heart of the City Festival website

On page 45 of the Festival Program guide, there is a writeup on AHA MEDIA

AHA MEDIA for Heart of the City Festival 2014

The Festival is thrilled to partner with the DTES’s AHA Media to provide social media coverage (video/photos/blog) of the Heart of the City Festival. AHA Media gives voice to our local community and provides services for individuals and organizations to share their news and special events on a broader scale through social media. Founded in 2008 by local artists April Smith, Hendrik Beune, and Al Tkatch, AHA Media previously collaborated with Fearless City Media and has an ongoing working relationship with W2Community Media Arts and various other organizations and individuals in the DTES community. The members of AHA Media describe themselves as “definitely not mainstream media”. Based in Vancouver’s DTES, their style is described as non-invasive and unassuming.

Say Hello to AHA Media as they visit the Festival events. They will be happy to chat with you. Stay connected to the festival with AHA’s links – see photos/videos of the festival events you attended; take in a festival event you missed; or follow one festival event while you are attending another!

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Binners Unconference on Oct 20, 2014 in Vancouver

October 21, 2014 Leave a comment

A conference on binning is one way UBC’s Learning Exchange, now in its 15th year, is connecting with Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Ken Lyotier says dumpster diving is a lot like treasure hunting except the loot involved is bottles and cans that can be returned for a refund. “They’re the gold and silver of street recycling,” he says.

And while bottles and cans may be disposable, he knows people aren’t.

As the co-leader of the Binners’ Project, a working group for waste pickers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Lyotier is on a mission to improve working conditions for binning, an often-invisible job performed by many of the city’s homeless.

For the past several months, the group has met inside the carport at the UBC Learning Exchange, a community engagement initiative in the DTES, to talk shop.

“Binners spend most of their waking hours picking through garbage,” says Lyotier, a former binner and longtime partner of the Learning Exchange. “They help keep the city clean and should have a voice in waste management policy.”

A nickel for your thoughts

With this in mind, Lyotier’s group is inviting UBC students and the wider community to the UBC Learning Exchange for a binner’s conference – or unconference, as they prefer to call it – on October 20, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The unconference – a more participatory approach to group meetings – will address the issues binners face, like locked dumpsters, and explore the idea of building a national network of street recyclers across Canada.




Coffee Cup Revolution in Vancouver

October 9, 2014 Leave a comment



Oct, 6th, 2014, Victory Square, Vancouver, Canada

The Coffee Cup Revolution is a demonstration depot event being planned for Victory Square in downtown Vancouver on Monday, October 6th, 2014.  

Vancouver binners are carrying out a street-level environmental action, reminiscent of United We Can’s efforts in the early 1990’s. That work helped shift social behavior and responsibility and resulted in the expansion of the deposit laws for beverage containers.

The ignition key for this event will be a “pop-up” depot in Victory Square that will pay binners 5¢ for each of those ubiquitous used paper cups that we see strewn across the urban landscape every day.

The spark behind this action is an exploratory venture, The Binners Project which is being supported under Cities for People, an experimental program for advancing urban innovation.

For its première event, the Binners Project has intentionally identified the “disposable” cup as the symbolic evidence of a conspicuous shift in consumer habits over the past several decades. Binners get up close and personal with our urban waste every day so they see first hand, the effects of this shift. Some older binners recall a time when people used to sit together in cafés chatting over steaming pottery cups of hot coffee. Today, in a busy wireless age, with paper cup in hand, we pursue our goals on the go; leaving a trail of cups, lids, stir sticks, and maybe even some of our values behind us in the dust.

A symbol of our times, but so much more, paper coffee cups have become a serious environmental problem. They litter the highways and byways of our cities, each one of them, an aesthetic assault to our collective unconscious. While it is difficult to estimate with absolute accuracy just how many of these cups we go through every year, the most recent statistics we could find suggest that conservatively, it’s well past the 1.5 billion mark. And that represents more than half a million trees, thousands of tons of garbage, and millions of liters of the fossil fuel needed to move this waste to our landfills and incinerators.

Event sponsors and partners: BC Housing, City of Vancouver, Vancity Community Foundation, Central City Foundation, Vancity Community Investment, Haebler Construction, UBC Learning Exchange, The Dugout Drop-in Centre Society, Recycling Alternative, United We Can, DTES Street Market, and other anonymous supporters.

What is a binner?
binner \`bin-ner\ – noun
Canadian west coast colloquialism
1. A person who collects bottles and cans and other objects of value from garbage (in bins); a dumpster diver; The binner pushed a shopping cart full of empties to the bottle depot.
Origin: Attributed to Robert Sarti (Vancouver Sun journalist) – 1990


0 Coffee Cup Revolution of the Binners Project

10th Annual Hope In Shadows camera give away for photography contest and calendar in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

June 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Hendrik Beune, Clyde Wright and Holly Boyd of AHA MEDIA are excited to be in the 10th Annual Hope In Shadows photography contest and calendar coordinated by Pivot Legal Society inVancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

AHA MEDIA filmed at COMMUNITY ARTS DIALOGUE: Community, Politics and Resistance in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – Part 1 on June 18, 2011

June 26, 2011 1 comment

Dr. Maggie O’Neill, researcher from Durham University, will discuss her work in participatory action research and participatory arts, specifically, “Community, Politics and Resistance in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside: a participatory project”.

This project is a social research collaboration between AtiraEnterprising Women Making Art, Providing Alternatives Counseling & Education (PACE) Society, Megaphone, and United We Can and supported by the Community Arts Council of Vancouver and AHA MEDIA

The project explores ways of seeing the spaces and places of community through the eyes of DTES residents.



AHA MEDIA films Maggie O’Neill from Durham University in England with Vancouver Downtown Eastside Residents

April 16, 2011 1 comment

Maggie O’Neill from Durham University in England recently did a community engagement photography project with Vancouver Downtown Eastside Residents which talked about community, politics and resistance.

Select Vancouver Downtown Eastside residents were given a camera to take photographs to show what “community” means to them.

Below is a photo of Garvin Snider in front of his residence

Below is a photo of Garvin Snider taking a photo of Sean Condon of Megaphone

Below is photo of Sean Condon from Garvin’s camera

Below is a photo of VPD Linda Malcolm with Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA

Below is Garvin Snider with Maggie O’Neill

An upcoming Exhibition – What is Community? The Spaces and PLaces of Community in DTES will be held at Interurban Gallery


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